Instructions for Downloading/Installing the Free RealMedia Player

Downloading and Installing the RealMedia Player
Listening to audio samples on this site requires the free Real Media Player. A free Player may be downloaded at the RealMedia Product Download Page. Read these instructions to help you with the download and installation.

For the free RealPlayer, go to the RealMedia Product Download Page. Click on the RealPlayer 8 Basic link.

You'll be asked to enter an e-mail address and select a country. Then select an OS (The OS is the operating system running your computer, for example, Windows95/98, Windows NT, Mac OS, or Linux).

Select your language, followed by your connection. If you're trying to do this from home, you're probably on a 28.8 or 56K modem. If you're connecting at work, you could be using a T-1 or an ISDN line.

Finally, click on the "Download FREE RealPlayer 8 Basic" button.

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