For the past twenty-five years Claire Schoen has been creating award-winning documentaries in radio, film and video. Her works address a wide range of subjects including: environmental education, physical disability, communications technology, genetic engineering, nuclear proliferation and Jewish culture.

Her previous producer/director credits include:

  • Mad River, an hour-long PBS documentary film about logging the Pacific Northwest Redwoods;
  • Voices in Exile, a 4-part radio series about undocumented Salvadoran refugees, winner of the NFCB Golden Reel;
  • Is Our Fate in our Genes? an hour-long radio documentary on genetic engineering, which was part of the series, The DNA Files, winner of both Peabody and Dupont-Columbia awards

Along with long-format documentaries, Claire also produces short-format radio features.

  • She has done over 100 stories for CBS Radio's The Osgood File.
  • She has also produced for radio shows such as Pulse of the Planet, Crossroads and The Communications Revolution.

Introducing Claire Schoen, Producer/Director of the Heart-to-Heart Series.

Additionally, Claire works as a sound recordist, sound designer and mix engineer for both documentary and feature films.

  • She worked in the sound department on The Black Stallion, which won an Academy Award in sound.
  • She also worked on Never Cry Wolf and Apocalypse Now.
  • And she was the sound recordist for the Academy Award-nominated Mothers of the Plaza, a documentary film about Argentina's "dirty war".

Claire has a full-production, digital audio editing and mix facility running Digidesign's ProTools in the Fantasy Films and Records building in Berkeley, California.

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